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For Montana residents, there are many opportunities for getting an education in web design or a related area in the state. For those who are serious about becoming web designers, this is a very good thing, because making it in this highly competitive field without some kind of formal educational training is next to impossible. The exact education that you will need to receive will depend heavily upon the exact job or jobs that you are going for in the field. That is why it is so important, long before you ever start thinking about schooling or planning your career, that you sit down and familiarize yourself with the field and the many jobs in it. This will help you to determine which jobs are the best fit for you and what you will need to do in order to make yourself eligible for those jobs. When you have a career goal in mind, you can plan your education and other ventures around that career goal, thus greatly increasing your chances for success.

montana web design schools

For many people, a simple associateís degree is all that it takes to get a start in the industry. These degrees are great for anyone who wants to start out small and work their way up to a higher level position over time, or for those who are content with just having an entry level position. They are also good choices for anyone already working in the field who has decided now is the time to pursue an education. Associateís degrees can be earned quickly, with the average person completing the course of study and earning a degree in only about two years. They also tend to be more affordable than other degrees, since they are usually earned from community colleges or from trade or technical schools. Another good thing about associateís degrees is that the credits earned are designed to be transferrable to an undergraduate institution either right after graduation or at a later date.

Some schools offering associateís degrees in web design and/or related areas in the state include Dawson Community College, which is part of the Montana State University system; and Montana Tech, which is part of the University of Montana system. Associateís degrees can also be widely earned online, from institutions like the Art Institute and the Academy of Art University, which also offer other degree levels as well.

Some will, of course, choose to take their education to the next level and pursue a bachelorís degree, which is the most commonly held degree in the field. These degrees are usually earned in around four years on average and can be granted from any accredited college or university, including online schools. They are a great way to start out at a higher level in the field and, when coupled with the right experience, almost guarantee you a job upon graduation. Some common choices for bachelorís degrees and beyond in the state are Montana State University at Billings, and Montana State Universityís Northern Campus, which is located in Havre and is known for its excellent graphic and web design programs. Many students also choose Montana State University at Bozeman, which has a strong arts program.

Above, we mentioned going beyond just a bachelorís degree, and you can do that with a good masterís degree program. The great thing about masterís degree programs is that your undergraduate degree doesnít necessarily have to be in the same area or even related for you to be accepted, so they are an excellent choice for students who have already received an unrelated bachelorís degree but who donít want to start their educations over from scratch.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Montana:

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