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How to Become a Web Designer in New York

If you are a New York resident with an interest in becoming a web designer, then you should know that your goals are within your reach. Far too many people think of web design as this career field that is nearly impossible to enter into, but that isnít the case at all. In fact, just about anyone who is willing to work hard, to make detailed plans for the future, and to stay focused on their career goals can have a career in web design. This does not mean, however, that this career field is right for everyone.

new york web design schools

If you are going into a career in web design just for the money or the prestige, donít. While these are definitely nice perks of working in the field, they are not enough to keep you happy if you donít actually love the work that you do. Being a web designer is an often demanding, often thankless job that requires its professionals to work long hours, often alone, and to give much of their time and their lives over to their career. As such, only those who are truly in it for the right reasons should bother. Others will just find disappointment and quick burnout.

Those who are sure that they want a career in web design are encouraged to begin learning all that they can about the field in general, and particularly about the many different career options available in the field. When you find a career that you are interested in, be sure to note the necessary or preferred qualifications. Once you finally settle on a career goal, youíll be able to plan your education and other pursuits around that goal, thus significantly increasing the chances of actually meeting that goal.

For almost all career choices in the field, education is important. The exact educational level you will need to aim for, however, will depend upon the job you wish to have, hence why the research process is so very important. For more entry-level positions in the field, a simple associateís degree, which can often be earned in as little as two years, is generally sufficient. Most positions, however, will want employees to have at least a bachelorís degree, even better if they have a materís under their belt. Bachelorís degrees are generally earned in around four years, and masterís degrees can take anywhere from one to three years of additional study.

Education, however, is not the end all- be all on the journey of working in the field, though many people think this. Experience is actually every bit as important in this field, where you have to be willing to prove yourself. You can gain experience through an entry level job from which you successfully work your way up, or you can do it the old fashioned way, with an internship or a job shadowing opportunity. Internships are usually preferable, since they actually require you to get your hands dirty and really go to work in the field.

You can find out about internships at your college or universityís career center or its equivalent. Many will provide you with advice and guidance even if you are not currently enrolled. You can also find internships listed online, or you can contact employers directly for internship opportunities. Many will admire how proactive you are. You might be paid for your internship, or it might be strictly volunteer. If youíre in school at the time, it can often be done for credit. Internships, however, are a great way to gain real experience, to build a resume, and to make important and lasting connections.

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