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As you may or may not know, web designers work in a wide variety of different ways in the state of Virginia, and, as such, ascertaining an average salary for the career field in general is quite difficult. However, by carefully looking at the average salaries from common jobs in the industry, a state average for web designers in Virginia has recently been determined. The average shows that a quite high $77,000 per year is what many web designers in the state can expect to bring home. Of course, the thing you have to remember about averages, is that many professionals are making salaries higher than the average, and many are also taking home salaries lower than the average.

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In the coveted “higher” group, you have senior UX designers, who bring home an average of $102,000 each year. There are also software designers with average salaries at $90,000 per year, and web UI designers who net around $80,000 annually. Other top earners are web designer developers at $80,000 per year, senior interaction designers at $94,000, UI UX designers at $86,000, UX designers at $87,000, and UI designers at $85,000. Obviously, everyone would like to fall into this better paid group but, for whatever reason, not everyone does.

Those who make below the average include senior web designers, with average yearly salaries of approximately $75,000, and junior web designers with salaries at $41,000 per year. Graphic designer marketing and advertising professionals in the state can expect to bring home the same, while graphic web designers fare slightly better at $49,000 per year. Even if your job title falls into this lower paid group, however, you will be happy to know that there are certainly things you can do to increase your earnings and start being happier with your regular paycheck.

One of the obvious ones, or so it would seem, is to increase your education, something many people never give a second thought to. It might sound unfair, but the truth is that someone who does the exact same job as you and who has the same responsibilities would likely make a higher salary than you if he or she had a higher level degree. Therefore, wherever you are educationally, think about taking it to the next level. If you have a simple associate’s degree, try earning a bachelor’s. If you have a bachelor’s, shoot for a master’s, and if you have a master’s, go for a doctoral level degree. Even if you have the highest level degree, make it your goal to continue your education through classes, seminars, certification courses, and anything else, as this will make you more valuable, and thus, more indispensable to your employer.

You also have to think about the area of Virginia in which you live. Those living and working in bigger cities tend to make salaries that are quite a bit higher than those working in smaller, more rural areas. While this is due, at least partially, to the increased cost of living in larger cities, it is also due to a larger demand for qualified web designers. This means that making the morning commute might be well worth your while.

Finally, above all else, keep in mind that the best thing you can do to ensure job security and to almost guarantee a higher salary is to be the best worker that you possibly can be. Go above and beyond the responsibilities of your job and do everything in your power to prove your loyalty and devotion to your job and to your employer. Eventually, you will be noticed, and chances are you’ll be the first one up when promotion and/or raise time rolls around.

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