Where do Web Developers Work in Georgia?

Web developers hold a variety of different jobs in Georgia and are invaluable to several types of businesses. They may choose to work as a part of an IT team, in the marketing department of corporations or even as freelancers or consultants. Therefore, there is a wide diversity of employment settings in which these professionals actually work. Although the specific duties will vary by the employer, most are responsible for regular maintenance of IT issues and proper working order of the establishment's websites. Common employers may include but is not limited to school systems, government agencies, large corporations and even small businesses.

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Government Agencies

Some of the web development positions in Georgia are held within government agencies, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or even the Cabinet of Transportation, for an example. This may include local, state and federal agencies located within the area. They may assist with keeping the agencies website running smoothly and help to protect the site from hackers, viruses and glitches that may arise. In addition, they keep the programs and information up-to-date for ease of use. The web developers that work for governmental agencies typically have a bachelor's degree or higher.

Large Corporations

Several of the large corporations in Georgia rely on the services of multiple web developers throughout many of their departments. They rely on them to ensure that the day-to-day operations involving their computer systems run smoothly. As previously mentioned many of these are found in the IT or marketing department, with other developers serving as consultants. However, they may be found in other areas of the business as well.

Small Businesses

Web developers play a vital role in small businesses throughout Georgia and these roles can vary significantly. Some may have multiple duties that are crucial to the success of the company and ability to market to customers online. In addition, they may manage content and monitor search engine optimization efforts and software programs to provide updates that can increase the profitability of the small company.

School Systems

School systems in Georgia also employ the services of web developers. Although this includes the public school systems, such as K-12, colleges, universities and private schools also rely on these services on a regular basis. They can assist in important IT functions, especially when it comes to maintaining websites and keeping online learning programs available and working properly. Many of these institutions have an entirely separate department dedicated solely to these web professionals.

Health Care Agencies

Many hospitals, physicians' offices and other types of health care facilities have turned to computerized systems. This has created an even higher demand for web developers within this industry. Since some of these institutions rely solely on these programs for charting and other important functions, web development is an integral part of the health care systems in Georgia and around the nation. Not only do most have developers on staff, but they may also utilize consultants on a fairly frequent basis.

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