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How Much Training does it take to become a Web Developer in Hawaii?

Many individuals interested in an exciting new career dealing with computers and information technologies (IT) are obtaining training to become web developers. However, the amount of training needed can vary significantly and will depend on various different factors. To become a web developer in Hawaii the person can hold a variety of different credentials that may make them more attractive to employers. Although these are not always required, the majority of employers will not hire individuals who have no formal training in web development or a closely related field.

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On-the-Job Training

On-the-job training is becoming null and void for many industries and is often unheard of for web developers in Hawaii. Those with significant work experience and no official credentials will have very few opportunities available to them, aside from freelance projects. The only exception to this is the understudy or the intern. While working on a certificate, diploma or a degree, some employers may allow the person to work under the supervision of an experienced web developer within the company. In most cases, the student must be close to graduation and cannot function independently until they have graduated from the particular program.

Certificate and Diploma Programs

To obtain an entry- level position in web development, many companies in Hawaii may require the person to hold at least a certificate or diploma. These credentials are awarded to individuals who complete a short-term program either online or in the traditional classroom setting at a vocational or technical school. This can take anywhere from weeks to months, depending on the individual program. However, the duration of these programs are almost always less than two years which is often an attractive option for those who wish to gain entry into the field as soon as possible.

Associate Degree Programs

Those that wish to work with a little more independence than what is offered in the entry-level positions may opt for an associate's degree in web development. Although these programs typically last for about two years, some may actually take a little less or longer to complete. Depending on the learning institution, some have completed the associate program in as little as eighteen months when learning online. To obtain these credentials in Hawaii the person must either attend a local college or they may choose to learn online.

Baccalaureate Degree and Higher

Most web developers in Hawaii that head departments or provide consulting service obtain a minimum of a baccalaureate degree or higher. Although this is not required of all employers, holding higher credentials opens up more available opportunities, including supervisory roles. Durations of these programs also differ by the learning institution and the mode of learning. In most cases, it takes anywhere from thirty-six to forty-eight months for the person that does not already hold a degree. However, those who have completed some coursework or a lesser degree program can often complete this program in a much shorter time frame.

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