What are the Wages of Web Developers in Kansas?

Those considering a career as a web developer in Kansas may have several different questions when it comes to salary. While many are already aware that these positions are in high demand, they may be curious as to just how much may be earned. Some may have false notions that these jobs are your typical average paying careers in an office, but this simply is not true. The wages of web developers in Kansas can vary significantly but the median annual wage as of 2009 was around $59,000 with some earning more and some earning less.

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Common Factors Affecting Salary

The wages of web developers in Kansas are affected by several different influences. This can include but is not limited to the individual employer, level of education and the amount of experience that the person has in the field. Some of the highest earning web developers in Kansas earn over $72,000 annually and are most commonly employed by large companies and corporations. Trends indicate that the web developer that earns below $45,000 annually is most typically employed by small or family owned business or those that perform freelance work.

Contract and Agency Work

Another interesting concept that plays an active role in the salary is contract work. Rather than work with or for one specific company, the web developer may contract with the company to perform services on an as needed basis. Although this is a little less common than some of the other career options available, contract work can pay significantly more depending on the agency or business that the developer contracts with. This works somewhat similar to a freelance service, with the exception that the person is often an employee that is commissioned through an agency.

Education Level and Experience

One of the single determining factors that can influence the wages of a Kansas web developer is their level of education. Those with an associate or baccalaureate degree generally earn more than graduates from certificate or diploma programs. However, those that only hold a certificate or diploma may still be eligible for a greater salary depending on the employer, years of experience and the type of experience that they have obtained in the field. A developer with only a diploma or an associate's degree may still be eligible for the same wages of the developer with a bachelor's degree if their skill level and experience is sufficient.

Advanced Web Development Services

Those that possess the ability to perform advanced web development services are also at the higher end of the salary bracket. While HTML coding is a necessity even for the most basic developer job, those that specialize in other forms may have increased opportunities with better pay. This can include services such as JavaScript and Ajax, Project Management and PHP, just to name a few of the more advanced skills that often come with higher earnings.

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