Web Development Jobs in Kentucky

When you're ready to look for web development jobs in Kentucky, you may want to step back and take breath before jumping at the first job to come along. As a web development professional, you are in demand and you have the opportunity to find a position that truly fits you. In fact, there are several steps you can take to help you find the right web development jobs in Kentucky.

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Make a Decision

Ultimately, you must decide if you wish to work for yourself or someone else. Either choice is perfectly valid. Some people prefer to have the steady, reliable, signed paycheck at the end of every week. Others may prefer to take on clients. While there is always the chance a client won't pay on time, or even at all, the risk to reward ratio can sometimes make this choice the more economically feasible.

Make a List

This sounds simple, but the list referenced here is a very personal list. Write down the companies for which you want to work. Don't bother finding out everything about the company, yet. Think of this as your dream job list. It doesn't matter if the company has their own IT department or web development team already in place. Think big! Write down every company for which you want to develop web products.

Make a Short List

Now that you've compiled your list of dream positions, do a little research. Find out if the company already has a web team in place, or if they outsource. Do they hire freelancers? Do they only hire individuals who have graduated from an established program? For every opportunity to find web development jobs in Kentucky on your list, ask yourself if the company's web development ideals match your original decision. If the company is a good fit, move it to the short list. Keep your original list, however. You'll need it later.


Finding web development jobs in Kentucky is no different than finding any other job. You have the skills, and you need to market them to find the perfect, dream job. It's time to contact everyone on your short list. If the companies you're interested in already have IT and web development teams, send in your resume and a cover letter asking whether they have any positions available. For the price of a stamp, you might find you've saved their human resources team from placing a costly ad for a new hire.

On the other hand, if you've decided to take a dip in the freelance pool, you'll need marketing materials before you begin selling your services.

Marketing for Web Development Jobs in Kentucky

How you present yourself to the service-buying public is crucial to the success of your new business. Client who hire IT and web development professionals are for honest, hard-working individuals who understand their needs. Make yourself available to them with professionally printed business cards, brochures and a portfolio of your work ready to go at a moment's notice.

Your portfolio should be both online and in print. You'll need a professionally printed version of your portfolio for those clients who do not yet have a full working knowledge of the internet. Once you've mailed your initial introduction to prospective clients, you can arrange a face-to-face meeting. While you may have access to show off your work online, you might not. It's best to be prepared with a nicely packaged portfolio to seal the deal.

Review the Original List

Remember the original list you made? Your dream job list? Once you've contacted all of the company's on the short list, revisit the original. If any of those company's didn't make the cut because they did not have a web development team or department, this is your chance to show them how much they need you. Send these companies your resume and cover letter anyway. Make sure to inform them how much your services can help them succeed in their market.

There may be companies on the original list that didn't transfer to the short list because their web development needs were already being met. That's okay. Send them a copy of your resume with a cover letter outlining the benefits you would bring to their existing team.

Finding web development jobs in Kentucky means bringing your ingenuity and creativity to the table; even before you land the job of your dreams.

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