Day in the Life of a Web Developer in Michigan

Welcome to a day in the life of a web developer in Michigan. Working as a web developer can be challenging, rewarding, exciting, and sometimes boring. Most of the time, however, the creative aspects of the job are the ones that receive the most praise and are responsible for the high level of recruitment to the industry. If you're interested in pursuing a career as a web developer, you may wish to know exactly what to expect.

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Unfortunately, that is a very tall order. There really is no typical day in the life of a web developer in Michigan. Some of the daily tasks a web developer completes are mundane, routine and simply need to be done on a daily basis. Others may involve artistic voice and creation, instant problem solving, and in-depth research and study. Regardless of what you've planned for a day, the entire schedule you've set can be uprooted by a single coding glitch.

Setting Priorities Every Day in the Life of a Web Developer in Michigan

One of the first things you can expect when working as a web developer is the unexpected. You should always be prepared to take care of whatever issues your client brings to your attention. It's a very good idea to set a time frame every day to check your client's websites for accurate links, broken links, images that won't load, or entire pages that won't load. If you can catch this glitches before your client see them, you can let them know that all is well in the world of their website. If a client has a problem with an application on their site, it is imperative that you have the flexibility to fix the problem to their satisfaction. Another priority to set for yourself is keeping an eye on trends and news within your industry. It's a good idea to devote part of your day to reading industry news and keeping abreast of new gadgets that may be of help to you and your clients. Set a specific time during the day, so you can develop the habit. First thing in the morning is a good time, as the news feeds will be fresh. It is also important to have a specific time during the day when you will check and respond to important emails.

Meeting with Clients Every Day in the Life of a Web Developer in Michigan

Meeting with clients daily is a routine you'll want to set right away. You won't meet with the same client's every day, unless it is necessary for the development of a new project. However, if you figure out when your schedule best allows for video phone calls, conference calls, or in-person meetings, you can better plan the remainder of your day. Flexibility may be important here, on occasion. If you have the opportunity to meet with a possibly lucrative new client, and the leader of their web development project team simply cannot meet you in your timeslot, it is okay to make an exception to land the account. On a daily basis, however, it is better to maintain a schedule to complete your projects and bill your time properly.

Developing the Web Every Day in the Life of a Web Developer in Michigan

This is the fun part of your day. This is when you take the ideas from your mind and set about the task of making them appear on the web. Some days, you might spend the entire day on one project. Other days, you may bounce back and forth between projects. It will all depend upon the communication between you and your client (one reason why checking email at specific times is important) as well as deadlines, glitches or other issues that may arise. Through it all, a great collection of MP3s to help you stay in the zone will help you through a day in the life of a web developer in Michigan.

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