Where do Web Developers work in Missouri

In the great state of Missouri, there are varied and wonderfully exciting jobs for web developers. Not only are there amazing opportunities in the private sector, the public sector can offer challenges to qualified designers, as well. The only limit to where web developers can work is their own imagination.

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Where do Web Developers Work in Missouri Public Schools?

Within the public school system lays many opportunities for a well-trained and creative web developer. For instance, each school system has its own series of websites for each school. Inside each school, individual teachers will have their own miniature sites, complete with individual pages for assignments, scores or upcoming events. The school district itself may have a separate website for parents. The teamwork and creativity needed to keep the children interested in visiting these sites to enhance their learning experience requires individuals with talent and a desire to help the children meet their goals.

Another position you might consider within the school system is that of teacher. If you are considering web development as a declared major, why not minor in elementary or secondary education? More and more school systems are adding web development courses to the elective class schedule in an attempt to ready the next generation for their role in the information age.

Where do Web Developers Work in Missouri Public Works?

Police departments, fire departments, city governments and county governments all need and use websites on a daily basis. Even seemingly non-public entities like road departments and public utilities are finding a presence on the web as the population grows more in tune with finding the information they need on the internet. Police departments can display emergency alert information, wanted posters and helpful security tips to those they have vowed to protect and serve. Fire departments will list safety tips and vital fire prevention instructions that can change throughout the year based upon weather conditions. Road departments will often place detour instructions when large community projects close popular routes, or if main thoroughfares will be closed for a few hours.

Where do Web Developers Work in Missouri Private Sectors?

If you can imagine a type of corporation, a kind of business, or a target audience for any storefront, they need a website. For instance, it's easy to imagine the local cup cake shop needing a website, but what about the sunglasses vender who only has a kiosk at the local mall? A private piano tutor might desire a small website to showcase videos of her students' performances for their parents.

The private corporate sector in Missouri hires web professionals in-house, as well as by contract, to complete website overhauls, design new websites, maintain and upgrade content, and much more. The opportunities here lie in companies that have established sites that require maintenance and with new start-up companies that haven't established a web presence at all. If you're interested in working for an established web design company as you explore your creativity, you can find work with any number of graphic design firms.

Where do Web Developers Work in Missouri Government Sectors?

In addition to local government and public works, web developers can work on the federal and state level. The Bureau of Land Management, for instance, has an extensive website with information pertaining to annual hunting licenses, survey information and many other pieces of valuable information for the general public. Federal law enforcement agencies also have extensive online communications. Web developers help to design and maintain these systems, even when they are for the exclusive use of agents and other authorized personnel.

Finding a position as a web developer in Missouri is limited only by your own imagination.

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