Web Developer Salary in Nevada

Entering the field of web development in Nevada can be a very good financial choice for anyone looking to find employment in the IT field. Web developer salary in Nevada, while estimated a few percentage points lower than the national average, still offers a very good living wage. According the Economic Research Institute, the average salary for the web development field is approximately $82K per year. This figure covers different aspects and specialties within the web development umbrella.

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Web Developer Salary in Nevada for Junior Level Developers

When you obtain a position in the web development field directly out of school, you will more than likely have an entry level position within a department. Working from the median salary range of $82K per year, you can expect to earn roughly half that amount initially. As you gain more experience, you will find increases in salary and benefits.

Web Developer Salary in Nevada for Senior Level Developers

With any job, experience makes all the difference. Once you've worked in the industry and earned respect for jobs well done, you can expect to earn closer to the median salary range of $82K per year. Those web developers who choose to specialize in the latest techniques and who bring fresh, innovative ideas to fruition will earn more than others who fail to bring that special something to the table.

Web Developer Salary in Nevada for Lead Level Developers

Lead developers are those individuals who are in charge of entire development projects. They control the outcome of the work performed by Senior and Junior level developers. They take the risks and have more riding on the final outcomes. They have worked in the industry for long enough to develop an instinct for what works, and what doesn't. The buck stops with them for the most part, and they are paid accordingly. Lead developers can earn well over the median salary of $82K per year.

Web Developer Salary in Nevada for Front End Developers

Front End Developers are currently averaging about $70K per year in Nevada. These are the people in charge of what the website ultimately looks like. The receive information from the Back End Developers and funnel that information into the correct format, making sure the links work and the graphics are displayed properly. Why do they earn so much in salary? Because the job is not as easy as it might appear to be. For instance, if the end user is utilizing an out-of-date browser, or if they've turned off images to increase page loading time, the website design will suffer. Who gets blamed for these issues? The Front End Developer. With the proper training, an individual can learn techniques to prevent this from happening on a regular basis, but it takes intensive time, concentration and troubleshooting skills to work the problems. Because of this, and the artistic talent involved in front end web design and development, Front End Developers can earn a considerable salary.

Web Developer Salary in Nevada for Java Developers

When it comes to talent and ingenuity, the Java developers have been leading the crowd for quite some time. If you're interested in earning some of the highest salaries in the state of Nevada when it comes to web development, you may want to consider specializing in this particular brand of web design. Some estimates place Lead Java Developers among the highest paid in the state, with salaries over $100K per year. Regardless of what field you enter, or what specialty you choose to groom in yourself, you can expect to earn a very fair and reasonable amount within the first few years after graduation. As you gain experience and develop your talents, however, you can see these amounts increase dramatically.

*Salaries from BLS

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