What types of Web Developers are in New York?

The field of web development has grown and changed in New York, just as it has all over the world. There was a time when a select group of college students were the only people who understood the internet or conceived of designing websites. Now, in the new global economy that has grown out of the information and technology age, every business either has a website, or sorely needs one.

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The variety of jobs assigned to web developers has changed over the years, as well. Where there used to be only a small clique of individuals who could develop websites, while they proudly named themselves "webmasters", now there are entire IT departments of web developer teams. Each member of the team has a different responsibility.

What Types of Web Developers are in New York?

The answer this question is as varied as the Manhattan skyline.

What Types of Web Developers are in New York? Front End Developers

The front end developer is the designer responsible for building the website that the end users will see on the internet. This person doesn't need to know the exact path between two files, for instance. They do need to know the directory path to the files themselves because they are responsible for the coding that will tell the system from where the files should be accessed. They are responsible to make sure that the end user sees the page as it was designed, which can be more challenging than it sounds. Sites are viewed differently on various monitors, web browsers and can even change depending upon the age of the person's computer and the fonts available to the system.

What Types of Web Developers are in New York? Back End Developers

The back end developer needs to know exactly where the information that is displayed on the website is coming from. They are in charge of supplying the information to the front end developer so it can be properly formatted.

What Types of Web Developers are in New York? Java Developers

Java scripting is very important to the overall interactivity of a website. Most games, interactive website applications and flash attributes are developed using Java. You may find positions in New York ranging from entry level to lead Java developer coordinators. Java is also frequently used for database management.

What Types of Web Developers are in New York? PHP Developers

PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor, is one of the most common languages for developing websites. PHP has one advantage over JavaScript in the fact that it is run from the server upon which the website is hosted, rather than depending upon the end user's hardware and software.

What Types of Web Developers are in New York? Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are the artistic heart and soul when it comes to the web development industry. Graphic designers use specialized software to create images from photographs to clip art that add the creative aspects to a website. Once the graphic artist has completed an image project, the image is loaded onto the server. From there, the PHP, Java or HTML team can pull the graphic file and place it into the overall artistic design of the website.

What Types of Web Developers are in New York? Project Lead/Coordinators

The project lead is generally responsible for the overall integrity of a web development project. This is the person who has the final approval of a design concept, although the entire creative team is consulted in normal circumstances. The project lead is an experience web developer whose job it is to ensure that assignments are made, deadlines are respected and the end result meets the client's overall needs and desires. There are many types of web developers in New York, and around the world. Finding the right one for you will depend upon your preferences and abilities. When you've gained experience in the field, you'll more than likely find an area in which you excel and in which you prefer to work.

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