What are Web Developer Working Schedules Like in Ohio?

For people who live in Ohio, becoming a Web developer might just be the answer to their prayers of a better paying, independent career. Web development, while a highly sought after job in today's workplace, is not that easy to "break into" doing, but if a door is opened, the opportunities do not ever stop knocking. Therefore, knowing what kind of work schedule is required for Web developers in Ohio is necessary to determine if this is a feasible career move for Ohio residents and whether it is feasible to seek the education and training necessary to perform the job properly.

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What is Web Development?

A Web developer, loosely defined, is a person who has received the training and learned the skills necessary to be able to develop a website, as well as perform other job functions. Typically, a Web developer will also learn the skills necessary to understand basic information technology fundamentals, run and configure the network security and the servers, client- and server-side scripting techniques, many computer languages, and web design skills, among other skills. Essentially, a person who decides to seek the training and skills necessary to perform the job of Web developer will work in all these areas, not only web developing.

What are Web Developer Working Schedules Like in Ohio?

The two types of Web Developers are freelance Web developers and Web developers who work for a company "in-house." The type of Web developing job a person desires will decide the hours and schedule the person works in most cases, so it is important to understand the different between the two types.

In-House Web Developer Schedule: An "in-house" Web developer typically works on a company's Web design and development projects on a long-term basis, while working from within the company itself. This type of Web developer is usually an actual employee of the company for which he or she is developing the website and the schedule worked typically depends on what the employer requires.

While the in-house Web developer schedule is typically that of the usual nine to five job, and totaling 40 hours a week; however, in many cases, in-house web developers work up to 50 or 60 hours a week or more. The actual number of hours worked per week and the days worked will depend greatly on the type of work that the Web developer is doing at the time, so the work schedules can vary from week to week, even from day to day.

One day, an in-house developer could be writing code for the flash objects for the website, the next day, he or she could be configuring the server settings to get the website online and running. Wither way in-house Web developers are usually guaranteed a specific salary each week or two weeks, depending on when the employer pays, and is guaranteed the same health benefits and other perks that other employees receive.

Freelance Web Developer Schedule: A freelance Web Developer is one who is self-employed and either works from home, or works for any number of companies in-house, but on an individual basis. If the freelance Web developer works in-house, he or she typically works on projects as a per-contract basis, meaning that the Web developer is not guaranteed a specific employment term and the job can end at any time. Nevertheless, freelance Web developers make their own hours and set their own schedules. They also decide what they want to be paid, whether hourly or by the job, and they make the rules of any contract, even if he or she works on an in-house contract.

The schedule of a freelance Web developer is typically much more involved and stressful than that of an in-house employee, though. This is because freelancers are never guaranteed a paycheck, even if a contract is signed. For this reason, so that the freelance Web developer can count on some kind of salary for the week or month, workweek can vary from 10 70 hours a week, or any amount in between. This is typically because freelancers tend to service more than one client at a time. Nevertheless, no matter how stressful a freelancer's life is, and no matter how much a freelancer must work to pay the bills, most believe that the freedom they have to make their own schedule is well worth the trouble.

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