Web Developer Salary in Oregon

The definition of a being a person who is a Web Developer is someone who works with coding websites both online and offline. In most cases, being a Web developer also means that you design websites for a living, and you probably do, since the combination of coding and designing is a skill set that is highly sought after these days.

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What is Web Development?

Nevertheless, many Web developers do much more than just design, develop and code websites. Why, you ask? Simply because when you are trained to become a Web developer, you learn much more than simple Web development and the clients who hire you expect you to do more than simple Web development as well. In fact, Web developers these days can also be called Webmasters, IT technicians, network administrators, along with numerous similar job titles, all having something to do with the Internet or computers. Nevertheless, no matter what the job name or description, a Web developer salary in Oregon will be appropriate for the duties performed.

Salary Depends on Duties Performed

In recent years if you have learned to be a Web developer, then it usually means that you are performing many more tasks than simple web development, as noted above when talking about job titles. Nevertheless, you are still called a Web developer and with that said, you would still draw a salary within a specific and expected range, even considering the extra duties you might perform. Even if you are tasked with configuring the server and network security, or setting up the wireless network, you are still a Web Developer, but your salary would be accommodating a Web developer with that skill set.

Nevertheless, when you are performing these extra duties, you are probably going to draw a much higher salary then if you were a simple Web developer, end of story. The typical duties of a Wed Developer these days will determine the exact salary drawn. So, for example, if you are a Web Developer who not only designs websites, but you also configure network security, wireless routers, take care of client side scripting and similar duties, you will probably draw a higher weekly or monthly salary then if you just designed websites.

Even for those who work by the hour or by the project, as most freelance Web developers do, you will have the right to ask for and receive more money because you can perform those duties, although in some case, the salary does not match the skills possessed by the developer.

Salary Depends on Type of Web Developer You Are

The typical Web Developer Salary in Oregon depends on many different aspects. For example, someone who has formal training who is working in the same job that someone without formal training is working in will typically make more money than the person without training will, no matter how much more work the person without training performs. Additionally, if you are a freelance Web developer, you have the potential to make much more than a Web developer who works in house because you are not limited to the number o contracts or hours worked in any given week or month.

So What is that Average Number?

This is the one thing that everyone wants to know. What is the average Web developer salary in Oregon? Well, based on all the things listed above, the average for the entire state of Oregon is approximately $90,000 per year, give or take a couple of thousand. According to a salary index of a highly reputable website, Indeed.com, the average Web developer salary in Oregon has been climbing steadily for the last two years, and has hit its peak. Nevertheless, this average salary is about 5 percent less than if you were to draw a salary as a Web developer anywhere else in the nation.

Yes, the national average is five percent more than Oregon's average. However, this takes into account the big cities such as New York and California, which tend to pay much more because of the higher cost of living in those states. Considering that fact, $90,000 is just about par with the rest of the Web developers because the Oregon cost of living is lower.

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