How to Get Started in Web Development in Pennsylvania

If you live in Pennsylvania, dubbed the Keystone State, then you are in luck because there is a never ending flow of Web developer jobs in the area that are just waiting to be filled by someone who is passionate and knowledgeable about the field. Are you that person? If you think you might be, then you will need to know how to get started in Web development in Pennsylvania. While you could theoretically get started as an apprentice and learn on the fly while working with someone else, typically, the pay is lower and it takes longer to advance then if you would have received formal training. Lucky for you, many training schools and universities have added Web development degrees and certificate programs to their curriculum.

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Educating Yourself

Educating yourself is always the first and most important step on how to get started in Web development in Pennsylvania, as it is in any state because without proper education, the only place you are going is nowhere and fast. While it is true that you could get a decent paying job as a Web developer without a formal education, why would you want to skip doing so when you are almost guaranteed a better job and better pay with one? Yes, you could become an apprentice, but you would spend more time learning the ropes and the languages this way than if you were to go it the formal route. You would also make less money working as an apprentice as well.

Now, if you are self-taught, and you have learned everything that is required to know to get a job in Web development, then by all means, go for it! Nevertheless, formal training is the preferred method of learning, as you have the credentials to back up the experience you have. It is rare that a company will hire someone who has the skills but no experience or formal training to back up those skills, and that goes for anyone trying to get a job in any field. It is the old catch 22, you cannot get experience without a job but you cannot get the job you want without experience. Formal training expedited this cycle by breaking it because when you have a degree or a certificate in Web development, experience is not always necessary to get the job and the salary you want.

Learn What Else You Will Be Doing

When you are seeking to understand how to get started in Web development in Pennsylvania, you will also quickly learn that aside from formal training, you will also need to be well versed in many other things aside from actual Web development. This is because most Web development jobs these days come with extra responsibilities, but these extra responsibilities also come with extra pay as well. For example, if you have gotten a degree in Web development, you studied more than just Web development, didn't you? Yes, you did and that is why today's Web development employers are asking more from the Web developers that they hire.

For example, if you went to a PA college and you received a two-year degree with emphasis in Web development, that degree allowed you to specialize in an area other than Web development, which means that you probably studied something similar. The degree also allowed for some electives as well and, in most cases, the college added courses that they knew you would need to understand for when you seek a job as a Web developer. Typically, when a person studies for a web development degree, they will also study web design, fundamentals of information technology, network fundamentals, security fundamentals, and more. These courses relate to other job functions of the modern Web developer. For example, today's Web developers will also work designing websites, setting up client- and server-side scripts, programming, wireless access and networking, network security, and much more. Nevertheless, once you take on these extra duties, you will most likely receive a pay raise with them.

If you are looking for how to get started as a Web developer in Pennsylvania, then you know what you must do. It is all about what you know and how you learned what you know. If you want to become a Web developer, but you have not attended a formal class, then do so soon. Even if you are the greatest self-taught wizard, you should still study for a certificate in Web development to back up your skills so you can receive the best job possible.

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