Web Development Job Outlook in Rhode Island

Currently the job outlook across the United States is not as great as it was about 10 years ago. Nevertheless, the overall job outlook in the last two years has gotten considerably better. More specifically, the Web Development Job Outlook in Rhode Island is looking much better, all thanks to the opening of many more training programs and thanks to the booming Internet marketplace. This marketplace has given rise to millions of companies that need front facing websites from which they can conduct business and sell their products and services to clients.

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In seeing that happen, the need to develop these websites from scratch is also rising because these companies no longer want to use the same basic templates that are offered on the web. The reason behind this is that thousands of companies with websites are probably already using a template that has been used by others, so it would be cheap to try to use them again, especially without at least redesigning a portion of the templates. This alone is helping the need for web developers who know what they are doing rise exponentially.

Good Turns to Great…

What this means for Web developers is that the Web Development Job Outlook in Rhode Island is about to get even better than it already is. Currently, people with Web development jobs in Rhode Island typically garner a median salary of no less than $92,000 and can earn up to a staggering $145,000 per year. While this figure can change depending on many different aspects of the job and the job market, it will not change by much. Currently, the need for Web developers in Rhode Island is steadily growing. Nevertheless, Web developers or those who want to become web developers need to know whether the need for these skilled workers are needed in the freelance world or in the private web development world, and what is the difference between the two?

Type of Jobs Available

According to recent statistics, the need for web developers in both of the above scenarios is about being equal. However, the pay changes radically when you figure in the freelancer's salary. While freelance web developers are not guaranteed a specific salary each week or month, because of that fact, they tend to take on more work and work more hours in the week to make up for the salary guarantee. When freelancers do take on more work, they receive more money, thus this tends towards freelance web designers almost guaranteed to make more money than non-freelancers make.

Freelancers also set their own pay rates, which exponentially increases the possibility of making even more even though there is no guarantee of a specific salary amount per week, or even per year. For example, a freelancer can work up to 100 hours per week if he or she so chooses, and he or she can take on as many as 10 or 15 projects at a time as well, as it is up to the freelancer.

On the other hand, an in house web developer is severally limited by what his or her employer allows the web developer to do. For example, an in house web developer might be limited to only 40 hours a week because the employer might be on a strict budget and cannot offer overtime to the developer. Additionally, the employer might have the Web developer working on only two projects at a time and while this may seem like OK steady work, it is the minimum that can be performed at that minimum pay rate. The Problem is that there is no way to take on more work than what the employer gives, so there is no potential for receiving better pay unless overtime is authorized or the web developer works as a freelancer in his or her spare time.

Before deciding whether you want to become a Web developer or not, you simply must consider these items. From the definition of web developer and web development to the duties that must be performed while on the job, the Web Development Job Outlook in Rhode Island is certainly on the up and up, and will continue to be on the up and up.

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