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Because of the ever-growing need for companies to have an Internet presence, obtaining an exciting job in the field of web development is easy if you have the proper education and experience.

A web developer designs applications specifically for websites using scripting languages. Although this sounds simple, it is actually a detailed process. Due to the intricacy of the web development process, the role of frontend versus backend web developers is sometimes separated.

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Would I be a good fit for this field?

Oftentimes individuals who are trying to choose a college major wonder which field is the best match with their personality and skills. While web developers must be able to communicate effectively in order to understand what is required to get the job done, most of their work is completed independently. Therefore, individuals who enjoy working on projects independently would be better suited for this type of work than extreme extroverts, who have a need to work closely with others.

Another trait web developers should possess is being able to keep up and look forward to constant change and evolution of technology. What was on the cutting edge yesterday is old news today, so web developers must have a desire to keep up. This career field never becomes boring because every day is a learning experience and a race to create something before anyone else thinks of it.

The differences between the web and software development fields

The main difference between web development and software development would be the experience in creating websites.† In the software development field you need years of experience and with web development, itís more important that youíve created many great websites than the actual years of experience. Web development is also a more dynamic job than software development. Web developers have to keep up with reading articles on the latest technologies and try these new techniques to see if they help enhance their sites.† As a web developer, if you donít stay informed of new technologies, your users will not view your website as up to date.

Frontend Developers

Frontend developers, typically called web designers, specialize in client-side development and use technologies such as HTML, Javascript, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Web designers make sure the information from the backend is displayed in the browser. They donít need to know as much about complex programming as backend web developers.

Backend Developers

Backend web developers use coding languages to make sure all of the features in the website actually work properly. Web Developers who specialize in ďbackendĒ processes use server-side frameworks, including C++, C#, Java, ASP,, and PHP.

Also, backend developers maintain databases to collect information from web users. These databases may be housed directly on the web servers, using technologies such as Oracle, MYSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server. For document data transfer, XML is often used. In more complex websites, rather than the web developer maintaining the database on the website, a database administrator oftentimes maintains the database on an external system.

While some companies have two different individuals serving as frontend and backend developers, in many scenarios one developer does both jobs.

Dual Role

It is common for web developers to also serve as a web designer (responsible for both the front end and the back end). These roles vary from one company to the next, but in circumstances where the web developer and designer are separate, the two individuals still work together very closely in the web building process.

Job Titles

Web developers are usually referred to as just that. However, there are a few other variances in titles that can be used. Below are a few examples.
  • Programmer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Java Programmer

A Day in the Life of a Web Developer

Below are examples of individuals who have careers in web development, and their experiences and viewpoints about the field.

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